Archive | May, 2014

Rustic Artisan Bread

Is there anything better than a fresh loaf of homemade bread on a Sunday morning. Warm, doughy goodness with a crusty outside layer enjoyed with a strong coffee on the patio. That’s the life, isn’t it? Two years back, I pretty much stopped eating bread. Well, that’s not true. I stopped eating bland, over-processed breads […]

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Banana Oat Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I’ve never been much of a pancake guy. It’s one of those foods that I just don’t get why people go crazy over them. I mean, they’re okay, I guess. There’s nothing wrong with them. I’m just not their biggest fan. If I’m out for breakfast I’m more inclined to order an omelette or crepes […]

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Burmese Tea Leaf Salad

What makes a good salad? Well, first and foremost, it should be delicious. What’s the point of eating something that doesn’t taste good? Secondly, it also helps if it is healthy. I’ve never understood the “salads” that feature pathetic, wilted lettuce covered in creamy sauces, cheese and bacon. Sure, I love cheese and bacon too, […]

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