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Kansas City Smoked Ribs

Family Weekend Every summer, Katie’s Mom celebrates her birthday in mid July with a reunion of her side of the family that they call Family Weekend. With 7 sisters and a brother, Karen’s family is quite large. The weekend is a great celebration where all of the aunts, uncles and cousins gather at the Fleming’s cottage on […]

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Turkey Meatballs Cranberry Barbecue Sauce-Slider

Turkey Meatballs and Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

Things have been pretty hectic since the move. Katie and I are both really busy at work, we’re still trying to pull together the new place and frantically trying to prepare for Christmas. Tonight will be a nice break from it all as our good friends, and new neighbours,  Saskia and Emily are throwing their annual Centretown […]

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Smoked Beau's Pulled Pork

Beau’s Smoked Pulled Pork

A few weeks back Katie I went to Beau’s Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill with a few friends. Live music, organic beer and food. Oh, the food. Beau’s did an incredible job of gathering some of the best chefs from the Ottawa Valley together to offer up a myriad of Bavarian inspired cuisine. They had it […]

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