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Potato Goat Cheese Pierogi

Potato and Goat Cheese Pierogi

Comfort food. Everybody loves it. For some it’s a nice warm bowl of soup. For others it’s a grilled cheese. Regardless of your dish of choice, it always makes you feel better when you’re cold, homesick, under the weather, lonely, or even hungover. Lately, our comfort food of choice has been pierogi. So last week […]

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Smoked Paprika Crisps Garlic Onion Dip

Smoked Paprika Crisps with Garlic Onion Dip

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. For some it’s popcorn, others it’s cookies. For Katie and I, we have a guilty pleasure by the name of Miss Vickies. There’s just something about them that make them irresistible to us. Knowing that they are not the healthiest of snacks, we’ve tried to eat them less often. Easier said than done. […]

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